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The 21 Day Election Countdown

Beginning on 21 days before the election, I interpreted a photo or chart from the New York Times about the coronavirus pandemic. My goal was to remind Americans of the tragic situation due to lack of leadership in Washington. I knew, as a health professional, the virus would not disappear, there would be no election day vaccine and the situation would only get increasingly worse. The challenge of creating a daily drawing was great fun, especially since every day I would not know which image I’d be faced with in the news. It saddens me to read that Trump supporters think he’s a strong leader. He has not galvanized the country or the government to protect American citizens from the pandemic. It’s more than possible to control the virus with strong leadership, as many foreign countries have shown. It also feels like Trump supporters are missing the point when they say Trump is right to push open the economy during the pandemic. The economic losses from over a hundred thousand dead cannot be good. The fear many people feel of potentially contracting the virus has prevented them from engaging in their normal economic activity. If we control the virus, we can be more likely to resume normal economic business levels. Although, as of today (11.5.2020), we do not know who has won the Presidency, I’m hopeful it will not be Trump. A Biden/Harris administration is much more likely to take a national approach to managing the pandemic. As a Registered Nurse, caring about others is a basic instinct to me. As an artist, I know we can be creative as a nation in how we come together to defeat the virus. We will make the future better without Trump. Thank you for voting!

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