Art is that which envisions both future and past and is irrevocably tied to life with uncompromising integrity.



Marilyn Mitchell is an award-winning NY visual artist. Born in Queens, NY, she’s lived in NY, Paris, France, Massachusetts, Illinois and California. She studied painting & printmaking in NY, LA & Illinois. Her work is inspired by Warhol, Ryman and Ruppersberg, plus popular media, which includes printed media and websites since they reflect our culture. She is a former Nurse Ethicist.  Currently a Board member of BeaconArts.



The Gotthelf Gallery:  Goes Green: Invited Artist, 12/08-2/09, La Jolla, CA

JC Gallery:  God & Country, Invited Artist, 5/09-6/09, Oceanside, CA

Shoshana Wayne: Chain Letter, curated show, 7/11-8/11, Santa Monica, CA

The Drawing Center: Accepted into their viewing program – 6/12, NY, NY

The Athenaeum: The 21st Annual Juried Show, La Jolla, CA 8/12-9/12

Space Womb: Affordable Art, juried show – 5/13 – LIC, NY

Angel Orensanz Foundation: NY Fashion Week, juried show – 1/18 – NY, NY

Brooklyn Wide Open 9: Juror: Carmen Hermo – honorable mention – 5/18 – 6/18, Brooklyn, NY

LIC Open @ the Factory: juried show – 5/18 – 6/18, Long Island City, NY

ArtSceneToday – Natural & UnNatural Disasters – 9/18 – online juried exhibition

Atlantic Gallery – ESCAPE/ISM – 2/19, New York, NY

BWAC – Red Hook Pop Up – 7/19 – 9/19, Brooklyn, NY

LIC Arts Open – Burn This – 8/19 – 9/19, LIC, NY

SK Studio Gallery – Kristallnacht – 11/19 – 12/19, White Plains, NY

Site: Brooklyn – Gesture & Motion – 3/20 – 4/20, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Wide Open 11: Juror: Paulina Pobocha – honorable mention – 8/20 – 9/20, Brooklyn, NY

Art in the Time of Corona – Dab Art Co. of Los Angeles – 7/22 – online exhibit

A Fine Line: Graffiti & the Power of Dissent – The KuBe – 5/23 – 9/23 – Beacon, NY

404 Error – :iidrr gallery – 6/23 – 7/23 – NY, NY

WORD – Gallery 44 – Los Angeles, CA – online exhibit – 9/23 – 11/23

War – Hudson Valley Museum of Contemporary Art – juried exhibit – 2/24 – 4/24



San Diego Art Institute: “Calling A Spade A Spade,” July, 1996, San Diego, CA   

Borrelli Space Gallery: “Sensual Visions,” August, 2006, San Diego, CA

The Garage Gallery: “DECADE,” 9/11-10/11, San Diego, CA

Artlab: “Marilyn Mitchell,” 3/13 – 4/13, San Diego, CA



“Under Wraps,” a documentary about menstruation featuring Judy Chicago and Judy Blume: Canadian Public Broadcasting, Starry Night Productions, Inc.1996

“Bloodtime, Moontime, Dreamtime,” a documentary about female lifecycles by independent filmmaker Roberta Cantow of LA. filmed 1999, screened 2008.



KPBS 89.5 – July 22, 1999 guest of Dan Irwin on “These Days”, program highlighting San Diego events to talk about “Crossroads”. 



SALK INSTITUTE:  Science/Art Forum, invited speaker Aug.5, 1999 

BOSTON CENTER for the ARTS, Invited Artist panel speaker, Jan. 24, 2002

UNIVERSITY of NEW HAMPSHIRE, Invited Artist panel speaker for Action/Reaction exhibition talk moderated by Mara Witzling, Jan. 30, 2002

SUSHI Performance Art Space: Visual Artists’ Group, Invited Artist Panel speaker, Nov. 20, 2002

PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION:  Interviewed by Laura Thompson, Jan. 2010



Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques: Bures-sur-Yvette, France.

Dr. and Mrs. Kirby Baker of UCLA, Pacific Palisades, CA

Mr. Jeff Flemmings, Boston, MA

Dr. Robin Fischer, Worcester, MA



Thure Stedt & Mexican Artists: Four 7Ft x 5ft woodcut prints, Tijuana, Mexico. 1997 

Marilyn Mitchell with Thure Stedt : Miata Print; rubbing of a Mazda Miata, 9Ft x 6ft, Escondido, CA 1997

Mail Art Collaborations led by Anna Stoa; 2001-2002.

Mail Art Collaboration led by Grace Matthews exhibited at the Escondido Municipal Gallery, 1/10 – 2/10

ART MEETS FASHION: collaboration with designer Jennifer Grace, Debbie Solan & Thomine Wilson shown at the ART DEPARTMENT, 4/11-5/11, San Diego, CA



Organized an exhibition, “Thriving Through Art,” San Diego, Kaiser Permanente, 9/05, 9/08, 9/09

Hosted an evening session on Visual Art & Medical Humanities @ the annual national conference 10/05 & 10/06 for The American Society of Bioethics & Humanities, Washington, DC and Denver, CO.

Organized exhibition, “Created By Our Physicians,” San Diego Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, 9/06

Organized an exhibition, “Black History Month”, San Diego Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, 2/07