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Annual Holiday Card Making

Every year I create about 50 holiday cards by hand without any machines. Most years I begin thinking about the process before Thanksgiving and often I have a sense of anxiety since I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve been making holiday cards for over 43 years. I’ve had a few years where I thought the cards were ‘da best’ and wonder how I’ll come up with yet another idea. Like any creative endeavor, somehow ideas flow and then I have to decide which one I’ll work on.

This year has been such a difficult year for so many people. I cannot complain – given no one I know has gotten Covid-19 – yet it has deeply changed my life. I retired early in an effort to prevent getting or spreading Covid-19. I was very sad about retiring under those circumstances. I’ve spent my whole adult life helping others as a nurse and leaving the field was painful.

Coming up with a holiday card idea that was not cheerful and appropriate for the times was a challenge. This card uses the image of a snowy owl in flight along with some winter foliage. It’s a linoleum print with hand drawn red berries. I call it “Flight From 2020”. I hope we all survive this year and that next year is a better one for the entire world.

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