The Supreme Court and RBG

This is a drawing of RBG with the words, honor her most fervent wish, don't confirm this term.
Honor Her Most Fervent Wish

It has been said a number of times that the election in 2020 has the potential for long lasting consequences. I hope everyone also realizes the election in 2016 has had long lasting consequences. It’s frustrating to hear people say that both Republicans and Democrats are the same – when clearly they are very different. It’s true, they are both political parties and therefore are both trying to either be in power or to maintain their power. But the Democrats gave Ruth Bader Ginsburg a seat on the Supreme Court. She contributed to improving the rights of women throughout the U.S. Her dying wish was to allow the next President to fill her seat on the court. The Republicans are demanding it’s filled in the next few weeks. We all remember how Mitch McConnell prevented the hearings for Merrick Garland. They don’t care that their actions are now hypocritical since they’re pushing to install a very conservative justice in RBG’s place.

I created this drawing to add my voice to those that consider the actions of the Republicans very wrong. They are not a majority in this country, and Trump didn’t even win the popular vote, yet they will succeed in tilting the Supreme Court to the conservative side for a generation if they fill RBG’s seat. Let’s not be fooled by the fact that their nominee is a female. Women can work to uphold the patriarchy are well as men, just as men can be feminists if they believe in equal rights for women.

As a female artist, I feel very strongly we should make our voices heard in opposition to the rush to fill RBG’s seat. DON’T CONFIRM THIS TERM!!!

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